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ATIR Ergo Challenge

ATIR Ergo Challenge is a 45km ergo relay challenge echoing the spirit of ATIR sea race. Apart from experiencing the amazing challenge of the 45km (equivalent to the course on the ATIR sea race), it also promotes the concept of “reciprocation” to develop our next generation in our sport. The entry fee raised deducting event expense will be fully donated to the Hong Kong Playground Association to support their school rowing program to nurture the next generation of our sport.

Hong Kong Playground Association

Established in 1933, Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) is a long-time non-governmental
organization providing social services for children and young people in Hong Kong. Through diversified
and pertinent services, HKPA aims at breeding youngsters’ holistic development and is specifically keen
on using sports and water sports as intervention tools to nurture them to be successors of Hong Kong

To Know more about their works, please browse

Date : Sunday 13 November 2022


Venue : Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Kellett Island (Causeway Bay)


Categories & Entry Fee

* Part of the entry fee of Corporate team will used to support the Hong Kong Playground Association to bring selected local schools students to compete in the 45km ATIR Erg Challenge. A certificate will be presented to the Corporate to thanks for their kindness contribution. 



Registration Deadline : 28 Oct 2022 (5pm)

Enquiries:        Please email

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